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The Experience (3.5 Hours)

The mood of yesteryears inspires the imagination and treatments of the Ancient Temple. In Pre-Colonial time, the native people of Nicaragua were culturally similar to the Aztecs and Maya; they have been a source of inspiration for centuries. Nicaraguans carry on with their ancestral traditions, including the ecologically sound use of native plants and herbal potions in healing and their deep respect for the earth and the ocean. A “living pharmacy” of locally grown medicinal plants, spices, regional flowers, volcanic clay, sea salt, sugar and herbs are used by the therapists to create unique and regional healing treatment recipes and protocols.

  • Foot Ritual

  • Body Scrub (Volcanic Clay, Organic Cacao, Aloe, or Coffee)

  • Bath (Citrus or Herbal Bath)

  • Traditional Nicaraguan Facial

  • Massage (From our Massage Selection)

Exclusive Ritual

Regional volcanic clay or organic cacao is first applied to detoxify the skin and the body. As the minerals infuse the skin, muscles are relaxed and impurities are drowned from the system. After the body mask has dried and you have showered off, you are guided to experience a traditional citric bath to relax and cleanse the body and spirit. Following is a full body massage using local coco oil packed with moisturizing Vitamin E as well as an organic facial mask to allow the powerful healing essences to be absorbed by the body. This ends our suggested Indigenous experience.

Our Recommendation of Massage Selection
  • Swedish Massage

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Reflexology and Scalp Massage

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