3 Reasons Why You Should Surf at Mukul, Auberge Resorts Collection

Many visitors to Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast are lured to the region for adventure. Tucked within the pristine coastline is one of the country’s premiere surfing locales, and you’ll quickly learn just how intimate of access you have to Playa Manzanillo during your stay at Mukul, an Auberge Resort. Anyone not staying at the resort must book their own boat charter to reach the beach’s famous point break, but at Mukul, you have a front-row seat to one of the greatest waves in the country. During a visit, learn how you can make the most out of Mukul’s unique positioning on Nicaragua’s most stunning stretch of oceanfront. 

Learn from Experts at Tropic Surf

No matter if you’re a professional or a beginner, you’re sure to master the waves during a stay at Mukul. Expert outfitter TropicSurf has a residency at the resort, lending their expertise to guests from sun up to sundown. As the best luxury surf company in the country, surf services range from beginner lessons and coaching sessions to master the resort’s Manzanillo Point and guided half-day boat or 4WD surfaris along the coast. Whether you choose to enjoy the best waves or explore hidden spots only TropicSurf guides know, you’re sure to increase your skill level while undergoing the outfitter’s ten-level coaching plan.

Surf the Waves at Manzanillo Point

Playa Manzanillo first allures travelers with its white sands, but only surfers know this stunning stretch of coastline offers far more than meets the eye. Manzanillo Point harbors one of Nicaragua’s most coveted swells, which usually is big enough to lend to a perfect point break, often including three barrel sections during a small surf-time window the wave allows. Even better, the beach is exclusively home to Mukul, so there’s no need to charter a boat to reach this surfer’s paradise, as you have front row access during your stay at the resort. 

Sign Up for Bespoke Surf Events


To create even more holistic surf experiences at Mukul, the resort offers bespoke events to guests, allowing you to make the most of the waves. Combine a love of the ocean with a commitment to fitness when you join TropicSurf's Rachel McKendrick as she kicks off the summer with her signature Bikini Surf Camp from May 3rd – 7th. As a native of Australia, Rachel knows her way around the waves. She began surfing at the precocious age of three, and, during her professional surf career, she was rated as one of the top 100 female surfers in the world. Rachel's personal professional coaching included the brilliance of video analysis, technical finesse, surf specific physical training, and mental preparation. On her 4-day, women’s only camp, expect plenty of in-water and out-of-water activities to refine your surf skills, tone your body, and celebrate time outdoors with other strong women.



In addition to the Bikini Surf Camp, Mukul is hosting Chloe Calmon from May 16th – 21st for its Surfer in Residence program, lending you plenty of options to craft your skill during a stay at Mukul.

Chloé Calmon, 22 years old, is today’s world’s best longboarder, according to WSL rank. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the carioca pro surfer has conquered the main championships around the world. Some highlights include:

  • Among the top 5 on the Longboard Pro Gaia circuit in Portugal
  • Champion of the Santos Longboard Festival in Brazil
  • Champion at the LQS Australian Longboard Surfing Open in Australia.
  • Chloé also went through France, China, Spain and Mexico, where she is the current champion of the Punta Sayulita Classic.

She is the youngest woman to surf on Silver Dragon, known as the "Chinese Pororoca"

Check out Chloe's latest rankings and whereabouts here.