5 of the Most Instagrammable Spots in Nicaragua 

Rich in coastlines, verdant jungles, and plenty of towering volcanoes, a trip to Nicaragua is sure to add plenty of photogenic moments to your Instagram account. Whether you prefer to capture the perfect panoramic view of a colonial city or you want to venture off-the-beaten path to discover one of Nicaragua’s islands, here are our top five picks for the most Instagrammable moments in Nicaragua. 


1. Guacalito de la Isla

Situated along 1,675 acres of Pacific shoreline, there are no shortage of Instagram opportunities at the luxurious Mukul, Auberge Resorts Collection. The Emerald Coast and Playa Manzanillo are known for some of the most colorful sunsets in the world, which turn the coast into a pastel palette of cotton candy hues. Perhaps you prefer to photograph the jungle canopy – at Mukul, this verdant land is intertwined with picturesque beaches. You can hike or bike into the jungle to photograph howler monkeys and plenty of other native species.  


2. Little Corn Island

Located 70 miles east of the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, the Corn Islands were once a haven for pirates and buccaneers in the 17th century. While the number of shipwrecks and treasures are unknown, the Corn Islands are famous for their turquoise shores. The most pristine and least trafficked island is Little Corn Island, a small islet where bungalows dot the beaches. Plus, no cars are allowed through the island’s plethora of jungle paths. Whether you photograph the many coconut groves or a bright patch of colorful mango trees, you’re sure to find plenty of photogenic moments during a visit to the island’s tranquil white-sand beaches. 


3. Iglesia la Merced in Granada

For the best view of colonial Granada, venture to Iglesia la Merced. Replete with a stunning baroque façade, the church’s interior spiral staircase leads to a rooftop perch with unmatched views of the town. Once you reach the top, you’ll see why this is a noteworthy stop for locals and visitors alike. An icon on the horizon of Granada, the church is inclusive of a large bell tower, a metallic contrast to the town’s colorful homes below. Originally built in 1539 and restored to its current splendor in 1862, a visit to this church is perfect for photographing panoramic views of the town. 


4. Masaya Market

If you love discovering local culture and you can’t wait to take aerial images of colorful fruits and vegetables, then a visit to the Masaya Market near Granada is the perfect stop for you. At the artisan market, you can browse authentic clay pottery with intricate designs, while the food market serves as the perfect place to peruse endless isles of meat, fruits, and vegetables. When photographing this location, be sure to ask locals before snapping their picture. They’ll most likely say yes, but this gesture goes a long way and can ensure your photos are even better. 


5. Volcán Masaya

You’ve likely photographed Nicaragua by day, but now it’s time to consider Nicaragua by night. With very little light pollution and plenty of open areas free from crowds, the country is the perfect place to pull out your tripod to document the stars. Take this photo up a notch when you visit Volcán Masaya, a massive caldera located within Masaya Volcano National Park, Nicaragua’s first national park and one of the country’s 78 protected areas. During a night tour of the park, photograph the stars above the towering volcano. 

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