5 Reasons You Should Plan Your Nicaragua Summer Vacation Now

As spring temperatures begin to rise and summer beckons in the near future, now is the perfect time to begin planning your ultimate summer trip. If you love to surf, enjoy fresh catch, take part in wellness activities, and fish or golf, Mukul may just be the perfect summer destination for you. 

Here, discover why Mukul, an Auberge Resort is home to the perfect summer getaway. 

No. 1 It’s Surf Season

Chloe Calmon

Although it’s true you can surf year-round in Nicaragua, May to November tends to have the best surf due to predictable wind patterns. You can expect a constant agenda of consistent swells near points and reefs. At Mukul, join surfer-in-residence Chloe Calmon from May 16th – 21st. This longboard champion will show you how to rule the waves in no time. 


No. 2 Enjoy Fresh Ceviche and Coconuts Every Weekend

Every day is a party at Mukul’s Tres Ceibas Sports Bar & Grill, but in summertime, this is even more evident. Each Saturday, enjoy sleeping in and awaking to a fresh ceviche bar and coconut stand. There’s nothing more telling of a beach vacation than open-top drinks straight from the source. Enjoy the sports bar’s laid-back vibe, and take your seat at the circular bar made from age-old Guanacaste wood that wraps guests around a towering Ceiba tree. 


No. 3 Take Part in a Wellness Retreat

Mukul Mary Tilson

Life in a tropical climate comes with plenty of health benefits. Sunlight exposure increases your body’s vitamin D count, which keeps your energy levels high and bones strong. The climate can also improve heart and lung health and enhance your mental performance, all benefits which can be harnessed at Mukul’s summer wellness retreats. Started in April, join Mukul for a series of yoga, meditation, and surf retreats to cleanse both your mind and body in the healthy tropics of Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast.  


No. 4 Fish for Fun or Sport

Mukul Fishing

Whether you’re a novice or professional fisherman, you’ll delight in the waters surrounding Mukul. Harboring a bounty of fresh catch, there’s world-class fishing year-round, and aboard Mukul’s “Spirit of Mukul” 31-foot, double-engine Pursuit, you can comb inshore and offshore for the finest fish in the Pacific like Spanish mackerel, Jack Crevalle, Mahi-Mahi, Red Snapper, Wahoo, and Rooster Fish. If the pursuit of a professional title is on your mind, join the Mukul International Tournament at the end of May, a two-day fishing competition taking place on the waters surrounding Mukul.


No. 5 Golf All Summer Long

Mukul Golf

Nicaragua’s weather is perfect for an endless summer, and with a lush, tropical climate, you’ll never find a green or par 5 without perfectly green and manicured grass. Mukul’s David McLay Kidd signature oceanfront 18-hole course is host to Nicaragua’s first PGA TOUR Latinoamérica tournament, and both parents and adults can join in on the fun with kids’ golf and surf camps and unlimited golf packages. If you like to watch the professionals play, stick around until August 28th for the Flor de Caña Open.