5 Surfing Tips from Guide Gavin Potter | Mukul, by Auberge

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Resident surf guru and Tropicsurf guide Gavin Potter is an expert on the board. At Mukul, an Auberge Resort, he leads guests through the Playa Manzanillo surf with expertise, getting you off the beach and onto the famed surf break. Tropicsurf offers guided half-day or 4WD excursions along the coast, where Potter and his team will deliver you to the best waves and secluded spots for the ultimate surf vacation. 

If your goal is Manzanillo Point, take these tips with you to the water to ensure a memorable ride.

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Tip No. 1 - Scoping the Swell

With Manzanillo Beach being a rock bottom point break, it’s important that you look at the direction of the swell, not just the size. It breaks best at four feet at a speed of 16 seconds from the SW 210 to 220 degrees.

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Tip No. 2 - Timing the Tide

Tide is important when surfing the point, as it breaks best on the mid to high tide. It seems to get that real push of swell on the incoming tide. Great fun for the thrill seekers chasing a tube or two!

Surf Mukul Step 3

Tip No. 3 - Selecting the Proper Board

It’s important to make the proper board selection. I like Firewires Pyzel Model, known as "The Slab”. This board is great on Manzanillo Beach because it has a nice tail rocker and plenty of volume through the chest. I feel it paddles into the waves well,  and the profile of the board is great for long carves and the odd round house cutback! 

Surf Mukul Step 4

Tip No. 4 - Mastering Paddling

Mastering the correct paddle out and line up spot can be tricky. This is best achieved with the help from your Tropicsurf guide. On your next surf lesson at Mukul, talk to one of the gurus about some in-water coaching using the Tropicsurf 10 steps to surfing guide book!

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Tip No. 5 - Be Confident

If all this talk about swells and tides sounds a little over whelming, don’t be deterred, as Playa Manzanillo also has a great sand bottom beach break at your door step, perfect for level one to four surfers seeking enjoyment and knowledge. With the help of your Tropicsurf guide, you’ll be talking the lingo and sharing stories of that perfect cut back in no time!

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