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In a country bordered by both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, Nicaragua is a natural haven. With lush forests and endless coastline, you’ll find a healthy ecosystem of flora and fauna thriving in Central America’s most breathtaking country. Whether you seek to explore volcanoes, lakes, beaches or cities, learn five ways Nicaragua may surprise you in the list below. 

No. 1 – Volcanoes Are Plentiful

Cerro Negro

Due to its location along the Central American Volcanic Arc, Nicaragua is home to a staggering 19 volcanoes. Of that total, eight are active, and much of this is owed to the country’s location along the Pacific Ocean’s Ring of Fire. Whether hoping to see a major stratovolcano or wishing to gaze at the lava’s cylindrical cones, get ready for an adventure. In Leon, Nicaragua, you can volcano board down the Cerro Negro, an active volcano outside of the city that’s thought to be over 160 years old. With lava like gravel, it’s easy to pick up quite the velocity down this slope. Just make sure to hang on! 

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No. 2 – Central America’s Largest Lake Awaits

Lake Nicaragua

On the edge of Nicaragua’s colonial city of Granada is Lake Nicaragua, a colossal fresh water lake that’s waiting to be explored. As the largest lake in Central America and the nineteenth largest lake in the world, Lake Nicaragua is vital to the country’s ecosystem. The indigenous tribes of Nicaragua know the lake as Cocibolca, and once the Spanish arrived they named it Mar Dulce, which translates to “sweet sea” – and sweet it is. At 110 miles long and 36 miles wide, Lake Nicaragua is the only freshwater lake in the world to contain oceanic animal life like sharks and swordfish. During a visit, explore the vast number of islands (or isletas) scattered throughout the lake. Ometepe Island is the most well-known of the isletas and home to pre-Colombian artifacts for you to explore. 

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No. 3 – 500 Miles of Coastline Beckons Exploration

Nicaragua Coastline

Lush tropical forests, tourist-free, white-sand beaches, and enough fresh fruit to fill you for days – all of this and more can be found on Nicaragua’s coastline. With beach front on both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, Nicaragua has 500 miles of ready-to-explore coastal terrain. On the west coast, explore lava-rich coasts in the north and surf and fishing villages in the south. On the east coast, you’ll be a pleasant boat ride away from gorgeous islands and the country’s stunning coral reef systems.

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No. 4 – Nicaragua is Home to Latin America’s Oldest City

Granada Nicaragua

Although you will likely fly into Managua during your visit to Nicaragua, the international hub isn’t the only leading city in the country. Further south is the quaint colonial town of Granada, the oldest city in continental Latin America and the first European city in all of mainland America. Founded in 1534 by Spanish explorer Hernandez de Cordoba, the city was named after Granada in Spain and served as a major economic and political hub during that time. Today, Granada is a traveler’s dream. The city is filled with brightly-colored homes, lovely cafes, and enough Masaya art for sale to officially make your suitcase over the weight limit on departure. 

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No. 5 – Nicaragua Protects Its Flourishing Wildlife

Mukul Turtle Release

With sustainability and conservation as paramount pillars, Nicaragua protects 70 areas throughout the country, preserving the vast array of wildlife that inhabits these regions. Of the protected space are both water and land, ensuring that endangered species and healthy species alike flourish for years to come. Due to this proactive thinking, you’ll see large quantities of monkeys, turtles, and perhaps the rare jaguar during a visit. 

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