5 Ways Nicaragua Will Cure Your Winter Blues

As temperatures begin to drop in the winter months, it’s easy to fall victim to cold-weather malaise. But Mukul, Auberge Resorts Collection presents the perfect opportunity for a seasonal getaway, as the property serves up a generous dose of Nicaraguan sunshine, complete with breezy beach massages, daily open bars of liquid warmth, and the country's most stunning luxury accommodations. Here, discover five reasons why you should book a trip to Mukul to Escape the Cold.


01. Sunshine Cures All

Mukul Playa Guacalito.jpg

If you’re in need of a stress-relieving vacation, Mukul may be just the place for you, as both the beach and the sun are noted to have calming effects on the body: Just as the waves on Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast engulf the beachfront, so they will engulf your worries, creating a calm that mimics how serotonin is immediately released in the body upon arrival to the beach. Not only will you feel peaceful, but you’re also likely get a better night’s rest while near the ocean, as the beach lowers anxiety levels, physical fatigue, and hormonal imbalances, the three leading causes of insomnia. Lastly, you’ll easily get enough vitamin D to hold you over for at least a few of the harsh winter weeks, as Nicaragua’s sun is strong and welcoming, which is the perfect respite from winter elsewhere. 


02. Swing for Stronger Joints


In the wintertime, it’s easy to become lethargic, as cold temperatures usually mean prolonged time indoors, as there’s no better refuge from the cold than to gather around a cozy fireplace, fleeing the harrowing temperatures outdoors. But at Mukul, there’s a better way of passing the winter, and that comes in the form of endless rounds of golf at Guacalito de la Isla’s David McLay Kidd signature oceanfront 18-hole course. Studies show that golf increases bone and joint health, which can take a hit during winter months, when staying seated indoors sounds better than braving the cold. Book your tee time here.


03. Open-Bar & Endless Rum

Flor De Cana

It’s easy to flee the outdoors when strong winds and snowflakes are at your back, but at Mukul, a day outdoors is a day well spent, as conditions are always temperate and the sunshine is never far. While Nicaragua may not have verdant wine valleys or a bustling Mezcal industry, it does have rum, and the world’s best, to be exact. The Pellas family who founded Mukul also founded Flor de Caña rum, a staple throughout all Central America. During a visit to the property, enjoy a daily open bar, where you can revel in soft drinks, local beers, and a selection of Mukul’s craft cocktails, many of which come with rum. Learn more about the history of Flor de Caña on a recent blog post.


04. Work Out Wintertime Kinks

In the summer, most companies supply employees with shorter work days, granting their teams the chance to enjoy the wonderful weather outside. But in winter, longer work hours usually beckon, as there’s far less urgency to leave work early. When subject to prolonged days of typing at a desk, the body can develop a density of kinks, which can be harmful in the long-term. But when venturing to Mukul, relax with one of six spa experiences at Spa Mukul, housed in private spa suites, each equally harnessing a different ancient healing tradition, often using local Nicaraguan ingredients.


05. Relax in the Ocean’s Sway


There’s no better way to appreciate a winter escape than to jump in the warm, welcoming waters of Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast. At Mukul, opt to kayak, surf, snorkel, or simply float in the waters of Manzanillo Beach. For the ultimate calming activity, opt to snorkel the beautiful reefs of Guacalito Beach or test your skills at fishing. If you catch a worthy fish, Mukul’s team of chefs will prepare it fresh for you for dinner.

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