Men: What to Pack for Nicaragua Vacation at Mukul, by Auberge

Men, when packing for a week in Nicaragua, planning for a beach-side getaway is a balance of refined adventure and relaxed wear. Whether you desire to keep track of time with a watch that works both in and out of water or you need the perfect water bottle that keeps your drink cool for hours on end in the penetrating Nicaraguan heat, we’ve compiled a list of beach essentials and the brands that do them best. In order to ensure you make the most of your trip to Mukul, read our quick packing guide below, with suggestions to keep you calm, cool, and collected during a trip to paradise. 

No. 1 Swim Trunks

Inspired by the bright and sunny days of a Saint Tropez summer and the activity that comes with this seaside town, Vilebrequin swim trunks merge refinement with beach aesthetic, perfectly capturing the style you seek when strolling the beaches while on vacation. Opt for a number of colors and designs that will keep you both cool and chic. Practical, comfortable, elegant, and bright, this is a must-have item for the beach and the inevitable signifier of a man on holiday.


No. 2 Tech Accessories

No matter your preferred mode of technology to capture every moment on a vacation, it’s best to prepare your products ahead of your beach trip. If you like to document trips by using the camera on your smartphone, make sure to pack a case that’s waterproof, ensuring a slip in the pool won’t derail your time in paradise. If you’re an action sports kind of guy, bring your Go Pro along and strap it to you while you surf or kayak. You’ll love capturing the land from above. Lastly, make sure to pack a pair of sunglasses to shield your eyes from UV rays – this will also allow you to photograph and document your trip better without the constant need to squint your eyes. 


No. 3 Sweat-Proof Sunscreen

There’s no way around it, it gets hot in Nicaragua, which is a large allure that brings travelers from near and far to the Emerald Coast. But before you arrive, make sure to pack a sunscreen, preferably a variety that’s sweat-proof, easily allowing you to transition from surfing to kayaking to cabana lounging without the need for constant reapplications. This will also prevent the pesky irritation when sunscreen drips into your eyes. Try Kiehl's Faciel Fuel!


No. 4 Water Bottle

Don’t be that guy on the beach that uses plastic bottles. Help the environment and help yourself by packing an insulated water bottle: Trust us, you won’t want to drink out of a plastic bottle after it rests for an hour in the Nicaraguan sun. Bring along a S’well bottle, which keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12.


No. 5 Lightweight Dinner Jacket

To effortlessly transition from beach to bungalow-side dinners, pack a jacket, preferably one that’s lightweight and isn’t prone to wrinkling. Although you’re free to wear a Hawaiian shirt to your hearts content, the dinner jacket is the perfect way to exude class without the formality of a suit. To dress down the look, pair it with a denim undershirt, the perfect complement to attend a relaxed beach party. This linen blazer from J.Crew is perfect for a dress up or dress down occasion. 


No. 6 Watch

At Mukul, it’s time to unclip your fancy watch in lieu of a gadget that’s waterproof, ultimately allowing you to surf from sun up to sun down without missing your scheduled happy hour. Although it may be hard to leave the design and brilliant engineering of your metal-based watch at home, dress according to your locale with a transitional piece that works in and out of water like this Fossil watch.

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