8 Reasons to Visit Nicaragua Now | Mukul, an Auberge Resort

Whether you aim to surf the Pacific Ocean or roll your own cigar in the heart of Granada, there are plenty of reasons to plan your trip to Nicaragua now. In a country of rich cultural and ecological diversity, you can experience a wide array of activities, all just easy jaunts away. Read below to discover 8 reasons you should visit Nicaragua now. 


NO. 1

Swim in the thermal waters of Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve

Located at the intersection of Masaya and Granada, Laguna de Apoyo is a nature reserve that features a thermally warm lake, where temperatures are just right for an afternoon dip. Just a day trip away from Granada and housed in the crater of an extinct volcano, the lake is the perfect place to kayak, relax and recharge. Platforms float in the crater’s warm waters, and you can easily pass the day soaking up the sunshine on the wood-planked surface. The lake is lined with local restaurants, each serving traditional dishes, like ceviche de pescado, which pairs perfectly with a fresh juice or cold beer. 



Take a Digital Detox in the Corn Islands

If you’re goal is to feel like you’ve found your own private island paradise, then a trip to the Corn Islands is the trip for you. Situated nearly 50 miles off the eastern Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, two tiny islands make up the expanse that’s a forgotten tropical paradise, full of lush, exotic forests and a trove of native fruit trees. Creole descendants comprise the local inhabitants of the island, making their home in the island’s brightly colored wooden houses.  There are no cars are on the island, only pristine coves and underwater caves, offering an unplugged experience amidst beachside cabanas. Be sure to eat your fair share of lobster here, as it’s one of the island’s leading industries.



Surf the Pacific Ocean at Mukul

Expert surf coaches at TropicSurf lead Mukul’s ultimate surfing experiences in the Pacific Ocean. It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or a seasoned professional, the TropicSurf coaches are here to help. Try your luck at the resort’s iconic Manzanillo Point, where you board a boat for a half-day safari adventure along the coast. You’ll experience the best waves on the coast, explore secluded spots that only locals know about, and you can even take home photographs and videos of you in action. The experience comes inclusive of surfboards: All you need is to bring yourself and a spirit for adventure. More info & details can be found here.




See the Perfect Aerial View of Granada

In order to get the best view in all of Granada, climb Iglesia de la Merced, home to the panoramic image of your dreams. Opt to go in the hours before sunset, as the bright yellow and orange hues of the night sky contrast beautifully with the brightly colored houses in Granada. Catedral de Granada and Volcán Mombacho rest in the distance. 



Stay at the Top of of a Volcano in Ometepe

Deriving from the Nahuatl words ome (two) and tepetl (mountain), Ometepe is just as its name implies: Comprised of two mountains in the middle of Lake Nicaragua, Ometepe is a two-island, volcanic oasis where you can get back to the roots of life. Featuring locals-only lodging, Ometepe is your chance to experience a homestay in one of Nicaragua’s most pristine destinations. The rich, fertile soil means agriculture is at its finest, and islands’ beautiful beaches and clean waters draw travelers from far and wide. 



Roll Cigars with the Experts in Granada

No trip to Nicaragua is complete without a visit to the country’s colonial city of Granada. Candy-colored houses line the streets, and street vendors sell Nicaraguan delicacies on every corner. Inside a quiet façade in the heart of Granada is Doña Elba cigars. A visit to this establishment serves as the ultimate cigar rolling experience. Learn how to roll tobacco with the pros, and take one of your creations home as a souvenir. The shop’s resident parrot is at the ready for photos, and you can browse the pre-rolled, packaged cigars for your friends and family at home. 



Cruise the Emerald Coast with Mukul

Due to Mukul’s location along the Pacific Ocean, fishing and water adventures are available all year round. Whether you prefer a half day trip or the full experience, Mukul is at the ready. Board the property’s Spirit of Mukul, a fully-equipped 31-foot, double engine boat. Trove the waters for fresh mackerel, mahi mahi, and snapper. If a sunset cruise is more your style, Mukul can plan the perfect evening getaway. Plan to pop champagne watch Nicaragua’s sky come alive. 



Live the Private Island Life on the Isletas of Lake Granada

Located in the Isletas de Granada on Lake Nicaragua, Isleta El Espino is a sustainably built and expertly crafted eco-retreat, where butterflies roam and birds chirp. Just a 15-minute boat ride from the Granada port, Isleta El Espino features two treehouse suites and one bungalow, making it a true serene getaway. Lounging on one of Isleta El Espino’s pool chairs is quite the surreal experience, as the view of Volcán Mombacho hazily lingers in the forefront. The scenery is wild and inspiring, and much of the culinary creations on the island are grown on the premises. Mango, lemongrass, spinach, basil and dragon fruit are sourced fresh from the island, and fish are caught in the surrounding waters. It’s easy to pass an entire day at ease, watching local fisherman sail back and forth from the port.