An Endless Summer of Surf at Mukul

This June marked the 50th anniversary of director Bruce Brown’s The Endless Summer’s nationwide release. Often regarded as one of the greatest surf films of all time, the movie follows two surfers, Mike Hynson and Robert August, on a surfing trip around the world. At the film’s core, it’s appeals to the dreamer’s heart, a soul more moved by waves and travel than material possessions. The concept centers around the ideal of chasing summer around the world, if time and money were no true object. 

Due to the film’s success, it sparked a golden era among America’s gilded youth. Following its nationwide release in 1966, it formed a voice for the era’s beach-bound generation. As the concept of surf transcended across industries, so did its reach. Breaching borders, a cult of beach party films emerged, and even The Beach Boys popularized hits became the anthem of the times. While those shaggy-haired early adopters of yesteryear have since ditched their VWs for BMWs, the sport of surf has not escaped their favor. Today, the vagabond boarder has graduated into the pantheon of moneyed jet setters, as luxury travel and surfing become complimentary to one another.

To celebrate the influential sports film and its enduring legacy, Mukul, an Auberge Resort has partnered with the film and its talent to beckon that ageless sense of adventure so flawlessly and eternally encapsulated by Brown’s lens. With the film’s 50th anniversary underway and travelers both young and young at heart alike making their Pacific-bound pilgrimage, this promises to be an endless summer of surf.

Due to its pristine positioning on the Pacific Ocean’s shores, Mukul and surf go hand in hand. To round out the Endless Summer partnership, the Mukul team will lead surf-based packages that get everyone from novices to pros out in Nicaragua’s crystal-clear waters. We’ll show you the ultimate, secluded spots where you’ll have the entire surf to yourself, and we’ll even film it for you, so you have proof to take home to friends and family. If you need a coach - no problem. Mukul’s partnership with luxury surf outfitter Tropicsurf ensures you will be riding the waves in no time. By utilizing a 10-level coaching plan, you’ll be armed with the perfect tactics and knowledge to surf the entirety of your stay at Mukul.  

Discover how you can have an endless summer in Nicaragua in Mukul.

The Endless Summer + Mukul Partnership Elements:

  • An outdoor screening of the film right on the beach on July 28th. Cocktails at 6pm, screening and beach BBQ to follow at 7pm. $55 + tax. 
  • Custom-shaped surfboards by film’s leading surfer, Robert August
  • Resort guests may receive 15% off custom built surfboards in advance of (or after) their trip to Mukul through this collaboration with August’s  Robert August Surf Company
  • An Endless Summer-inspired Surf Safari Menu to help guests “Catch the Perfect Wave” Available for viewing here.
  • Luxury surf outfitter Tropicsurf has customized an exciting menu of the best waves that suit surf aficionados of all ages and levels
  • Free in-room streaming of the film throughout the year