5 More Reasons to Visit Nicaragua Now | Mukul, by Auberge

Although Nicaragua is known for its stunning beaches, there’s more to this Central American country than waves and gorgeous sunset views. Here, discover five under-the-radar areas to discover in Nicaragua. 

No. 1 Discover Nicaragua’s Capital


Most visitors bypass Nicaragua’s capital during a visit to the country, but the sprawling city is worth a visit, especially so if you enjoy learning of Nicaragua’s history. Visit the Palacio National de la Cultura to view a variety of exhibitions, including relics of prehistorical bones and pre-Columbian ceramics to modern paintings and recent sculptures. Stop by the Rubén Darío National Theatre, attend a baseball game at the Dennis Martinez National Stadium, and end with a night of live music at La Casa de los Mejía Godoy, where legends Carlos and Luis Enrique Mejía Godoy play folk music which reveals the soul of Nicaraguan culture. 


No. 2 Hike in Domitila Wildlife Reserve


Located near Granada on Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast, the privately-owned Domitila Wildlife Reserve is set in the heart of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor, one of the richest biological areas for flora and fauna in the world. Additionally, the area is home to one of the last remaining areas of dry tropical forest on the Pacific coast, which leads to the areas vast number of species, including howler monkeys and wild cats, as well as numerous birds, butterflies, and insects. Stay the night in a rustic cabin, and then take an early morning hike or horseback ride along the trails.


No. 3 Spot Jaguars at Indio Maíz Biological Reserve

Indio Maiz

Bordered by the San Juan River and located on the southeastern edge of Nicaragua, the Indio Maíz Biological Reserve is a natural paradise. Harboring more species of birds, plants and insects than the entire continent of Europe, this is the perfect trip for adventurers seeking intimate access to wildlife. Discover the region while on day hikes with a local guide, and venture through the forest by night in hopes of discovering an elusive jaguar, the most sought-after species to see in this area.


No. 4 Explore Wild Regions of Rivas

La Flor Rivas

San Juan del Sur is often regarded as a surf mecca, but there’s more to this region than waves and beachside happy hours. While the beaches of El Coco, Marsella, and Ocotal get the majority of attention, the beach at La Flor is home to a wildlife reserve where thousands of turtles come to lay their eggs each year. From July to January, the turtles are most active, and you may even have the chance to watch them hatch. 


No. 5 Stroll Coffee Plantations in Matagalpa


Nicaragua’s coffee culture is certainly gaining esteem around the world, but during a visit to the country, you have the chance to go to the source: In Nicaragua’s northern highlands, discover a temperate climate and a region full of lush coffee-growing lands, offering the perfect reprieve from the high temperatures along the coast. 

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