Cure Holiday Travel Woes with Spa Mukul’s Oolal Immunity Ritual

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During the holiday season, most of us are in a continual state of motion. Visiting friends and family both near and far, constant traveling in planes, trains, and automobiles takes a toll on your mind and body. Hopping just one more flight to rejuvenation, join Spa Mukul for a week of wellness by indulging in one of the spa’s all-new wellness rituals. Perfect for curing every ailment a frequent traveler is sure to encounter, Spa Mukul’s wellness sanctuary will replenish your body and relax your mind and soul. 

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While all of Spa Mukul’s wellness rituals offer holistic and ancestral benefits, each treatment merges a diverse set of customizable techniques - aromatherapy, acupuncture, reiki, Ayurvedic treatments, herbalism, wraps, exfoliations, and more. Each ritual begins with a diagnosis of the individual, allowing for healing in an integral and natural way. 

Following the holiday season, book The Hammam Immune System treatment at Spa Mukul, a two-hour ritual fusing natural ingredients containing high therapeutic content that’s proven to increase levels of the body’s circulation. Based on the Moroccan tradition of steamed baths, which has endured for centuries into the present day, the ritual harkens back to an ancient Moroccan custom of steamed bathing, where the body is cleansed from head to toe by a hammam practitioner.

The treatment begins with an herbal steam to open the pores of the body, followed by an extensive time spent using aromatherapy and essential oils to help build back the core of your immune system. Next, your body is wrapped in invigorating ginger and antioxidant-rich chia seeds, a powerful combination to combat common digestive issues and general travel malaise. 

Following the immunity process is head massage done with olive oil, prior to a therapeutic Swedish massage, inclusive of auriculotherapy. A form of alternative medicine based on the idea that the ear is a microsystem, auriculotherapy reflects the entire body by looking to the outward portion of the ear, known as the auricle. 

After a final blessing, rest in the facilities of Spa Mukul before continuing your post-holiday relaxation on Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast. 

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