Escape The Cold and Head to Nicaragua

We were loving photos that Megan Pfiffner was posting on her instagram during her recent stay at Mukul, an Auberge Resort and wanted to hear about her Nicaragua experience first hand.  We had to ask her a few questions.

What brought you to Nicaragua?

We wanted to escape the cold and NYC and go someplace warm. Nicaragua is popping up as a relatively new travel destination with lots of great reviews from travel blogs and magazines. We don't know anyone that has ever been so we thought it would be exciting to explore some place new. We flew into Managua and spent a few days in Granada.  We did a stop on Ometepe and then headed to Mukul which was our longest stay. 

How did you hear about Mukul?

We found Mukul on Condé Nast traveler.

What was your favorite part about your stay at Mukul?

Our favorite part of the trip - beyond the incredible views - was the Hammam treatment we had at the spa. 

It was the definition of luxury and decadence.
— Megan Pfiffner

What was the most surprising thing about your trip?

I think the most unexpected part of the trip was the wide range of land, vegetation and animals we saw.  We did a lot of exploring along the edge of the cove and up in the hills.  There were so many different eco-systems from the tide pool crabs and urchins to the howler monkeys on the golf course.

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