Everything You Need to Know About Mukul, an Auberge Resort’s First PGA Tour Latinoamérica Event, Flor de Caña Open

PGA Flor de Cana Open

From August 29th – September 4th, Mukul hosted the first ever PGA TOUR Latinoamérica event in Nicaragua, making the Flor de Caña Open presented by The Mortage Store a success for the country, the sport, and the hospitality industry in Central America. 

As the first host of this prestigious event, all Mukul guests and staff got a front-row seat to the action. For five consecutive days, 144 of golf's elite united on the Emerald Coast, representing 23 countries while playing at the event in Guacalito de la Isla. Home to flourishing acres of tropical botanical reserves, Guacalito de la Isla’s golf course is designed by David McLay Kidd, award-winning designer of Bandon Dunes and the Seventh Course at St. Andrews Links in Scotland, the cradle of golfing heritage. Playing amidst this private, 18-hole course, the players conquered rolling forests and high ocean bluffs during the competition, mastering their swings around sweeping vistas at each fairway. In a true test of the most skilled golfers, Nicaragua’s Guacalito de la Isla rose to the challenge, as no effort is spared in the preservation of the ageless trees and tropical ecosystem of this beachside course. 


During the event, it was clear Guacalito de la Isla’s presentation of the Flor de Caña Open is furthering the elevation of Nicaragua as a destination, promoting it even more as a prime tourist location for an international clientele. 

During the first day of the big event, American golfer Eric Steger was at the top of the leader board with a 7-under par. In the following rounds, Spanish golfer Samuel Del Val proved his status as one of the tours best, as he rounded out the lead at a 9-under par. As the tournament progressed, Argentinean golfer Emilio “Puma” Dominguez edged in on Del Val, and the two remained as top contenders until the tournament’s end. 

Culminating in a final round on September 4th, the Argentinean golfer Augusto Nunez finished strong on the 18th hole, rounding out his spot as victor in the prestigious tournament. As such, Nunez won the prize of $31,000 for first place, leaving the remaining $175,000 to be split amongst the top 55 competitors who completed the last stages of the competition. 

Following the tournament in Nicaragua, the the PGA Tour Latinoamérica went on to Mexico for another competition, leaving the team at Guacalito de la Isla to prepare for the forthcoming tournaments in years to come. As this event will only continue to grow in the future, make sure to keep up with all Mukul’s news in the coming months, so you can claim your stay during the 2017 tournament, sure to be even more successful than the last.  

Watch the entire event unfold below. We can't wait to do it all again. Don't forget to follow along on instagram! @fdcnicaraguaopen

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