Find Post-Holiday Bliss with Spa Mukul’s New Oolal Rituals

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After indulgent holiday festivities with friends and family, you’re mind and body are likely in need of a reset. Rejuvenation is just a flight away with the introduction of Spa Mukul’s all-new Oolal Rituals. Perfect for weary travelers and holiday revelers alike, Spa Mukul is home to a wellness sanctuary where your energy will be replenished, relaxing your body, emotions, and soul. 

While all of Spa Mukul’s Oolal Rituals offer holistic and ancestral benefits, each treatment merges a diverse set of customizable techniques - aromatherapy, acupuncture, reiki, Ayurvedic treatments, herbalism, wraps, exfoliations, and more. Each ritual begins with a diagnosis of the individual, allowing for healing in an integral and natural way. Inclusive of a two-hour long treatment, with a body scan, Ayurvedic diagnosis, and observation of a person’s aura and energetic qualities, the Secret Garden Detoxification Ritual is perfect for post-holiday festivities. 

The treatment begins with a detoxification ritual to rid the body of accumulated stress, emotions, and environmental contamination and poor diet that the holiday season is bound to bring. Through the infusion of exotic fruits used to replenish the body of purity, the treatment focuses on lymphatic drainage and stimulation and soothing of the gastrointestinal system, calming any havoc the holiday season weighed on the body. 

Secret Garden

Following the detoxification process is a therapeutic acupuncture ritual, where herbal steam, aromatherapy, and a body wrap in papaya and banana leaves soothes the body to a state of bliss. While winter weather can leave skin and hair brittle, the treatment’s avocado hair mask and honey and cucumber facial reintroduce nutrients where the body needs it the most. 

After a final lymphatic drainage massage, rest in the facilities of Spa Mukul before continuing your holiday on Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast. 



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