Mukul, an Auberge Resort: A Health & Wellness Resort

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Jess of Choosing Chia is all about health and wellness. On her blog, you'll find an abundance of recipes that will fuel your body with nutrient-rich meals. So on her recent visit to Mukul, we packed her a healthy, colorful picnic to enjoy on the shores of Guacalito de la Isla. The views were as rich as the culinary delights. What else did Jess have to say about her Mukul experience? Let's ask.

Choosing Chia Mukul

What brought you to Mukul?

I heard such beautiful things about Nicaragua, I just had to come and see for myself. I discovered Mukul and was so taken with the breathtaking views, and such a large array of activities available right on the property. It seemed like the perfect place to experience Nicaragua!  

Favorite memory during the stay?

My favorite memory would have to be the beautiful picnic on the beach. It was such a peaceful and delicious experience. 

Mukul Spa

Let's talk amenities. Which one stood out?

The spa! The spa is absolutely spectacular. I took a treatment in the late afternoon, and had the pleasure of watching sunset from the spa afterwards. It definitely made the experience special! 


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