How to Take Your Best Photographs at Mukul, Auberge Resorts Collection

Whether your equipment of choice is Canon, Nikon or Fuji, you’re sure to experience many prolific photo opportunities during a trip to Mukul. Here, discover tips whether you are a beginner or advanced photographer for capturing the trip of a lifetime on the Emerald Coast.

Beginner Photographers 


Shooting Underwater

Playa Manzanillo hugs Mukul’s beachfront, creating the perfect opportunity to document your adventurous escapades in the ocean. Whether you surf, snorkel, or kayak, try your hand at underwater photography – sans the pricey, heavy equipment the professionals carry. To capture underwater photos, all you truly need is your iPhone and the assistance of an underwater housing case. The case will keep your iPhone safe from the water, allowing you to swim through the waves and document any activities you may be doing. Make sure to have fun with it, capturing motion and contrast both above and below the ocean’s tide. 

Underwater housing
Underwater housing

IPHONE Accessories 

Elevate your iPhone photos with different accessories. Ollo Clip makes some great lenses to up your iPhone game. They are small, light, and easy to pack so your bags won't be bogged down with heavy gear. We love this 4-in-1 Kit which delivers the most versatile and premium mobile lens experience in a compact, easy-to-use design. It features four advanced optic quick-change lenses (Fisheye, Wide-Angle, Macro 10x & 15x) that weigh in at less than an ounce.

OlloClip example

Keep your phone close

Don't worry about dropping your phone in the sand or sea when you have it securely on your wrist for safety and ease. This iPhone camera strap from Moment will keep your photos and memories safe and accessible, not to mention keep you stylish during your entire trip.

Moment Strap
Moment Strap 2

Advanced Photographers

Lens selection is the first step to properly packing camera gear for any trip. Odds are you have a great body and one you prefer using, but what about the many situations you will experience on your trip? Are you going to Mukul with your family? Are you going to surf? Do you have hopes to capture the stunning landscapes during your visit? No matter what you have in mind for your trip, there’s a perfect lens to complement your goals. 

Family Portraits

For family portraits or individual compositions, prime lenses are the best way to go. These fixed lenses have a wider maximum aperture than a zoom lens covering the same focal length. This is useful for creating images with shallow depth-of-field, which is a common technique in portraits. It also preforms extremely well in low light situations, allowing you to capture portraits with fast shutter speeds and a lower ISO.


Landscape Photography

For landscape photography, it’s sometimes hard to capture all you need in the shot by using a fixed lens. If you hope to capture stunning beach scenes or a sweeping view of the mountains and cliffs, opt for a zoom lens or a wide-angle lens, allowing you to have more range and control over your composition. 

If you hope to document Nicaragua’s stunning wildlife, then consider bringing a telephoto lens, as you never know when a monkey or exotic bird will prance into view, creating the perfect photo opportunity. A telephoto lens allows you to create images of animals as if you were right next to them, perfect for the many species you can see in and around Nicaragua. 

zoom lens
Mukul Landscape

Documenting Sunset

Nicaragua harbors some of the world’s greatest sunset views, and it’s an incredible opportunity to photograph them right from your bohio at Mukul. During sunset, however, lighting conditions change rapidly, which can make it hard to properly document. If you’re shooting on an automatic mode, your camera may try to correct what it registers as inconsistencies in the photo, therefore, your best option for sunset is to shoot on manual, calculating the exact settings you need to ensure your photo registers true to the scene. Consider your focal length as you document the sunset, making sure to capture the rich, orange glow of the sun, and make sure to properly assess your white balance, as your camera will want to correct color cast, producing a distorted image with weak tones. Lastly, consider using a graduated neutral density filter, which will allow you to make the top of your image darker. This will even out the exposure and prevent the bottom of your photo from being solid black. 

Graduated Neutral Density Filter
Mukul Sunset

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