Ancient Nicaragua Spa Rituals at Mukul, an Auberge Resort

For three-and-a-half hours, enter Spa Mukul to become completely revived and restored while experiencing the Ancient Sanctuary Secret Ritual, which harkens back to ancient Nicaraguan traditions still serving as a present-day lifeblood of the region. Evoking the spirituality of native peoples with similar philosophies of the wise Aztecs and Maya, this treatment celebrates the communion with nature both the past and present Nicaraguans hold dear by infusing traditional healing practices with the thriving native plants and herbal remedies of Nicaragua’s lush canopied forest and sweeping ocean tides. Become one with the elements in the earth and the ocean as Mukul’s practitioners take you on a journey through the country’s living pharmacy, harmoniously blending medicinal plants, spices, regional flowers, volcanic clay, sea salt, sugar, and herbs to create your very-own treatment to inspire renewal.

During the first step of the treatment, select a body scrub of volcanic clay, organic cacao, aloe, or coffee – or a blend of all four. Rest as your body is lathered with the soothing minerals found in volcanic Nicaraguan clay, organic cacao, or coffee or feel the soothing coolness of aloe, blanketing your skin with a touch of Nicaraguan wind. Coating your entire body, your preferred mixture detoxifies the skin and the body, creating a clean palette for you to experience an outer transformation that also leaves your inner-self comforted and cleansed. Rest as the minerals fuse with your body, seeping into your pores to relax and relieve aching muscles and relinquish skin impurities. The mask hardens and cracks just as volcanic clay once did to form the humble grounds of Nicaragua, and once the potion is rinsed from the skin, you’ll discover your body’s newfound shine and essence. 

Continue your renewal in a citric bath. Not just your average rinse, Mukul’s spa team hand-cuts oranges, lemons, and other exotic Nicaraguan fruits to relax and revive your body and spirit. As your body soaks, feel the fruits graze your skin as they transfer their mineral qualities to you. With two lemon slices resting over your eyes, you may find it rather hard not to drift to sleep as an ethereal tune plays in the background.

The next phase of your treatment is a full body massage, which grants you extra moisture while working local Nicaraguan coconut oil into your skin. Choose from a Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, or a reflexology and scalp massage, but no matter your treatment of choice, Mukul’s practitioners will pack your skin with moisturizing Vitamin E, the perfect way to replenish your sun-drenched skin. 

Ending with an organic facial mask to allow the powerful healing essences to be absorbed by the body, relax and reflect on this spa treatment which connects you with ancestral traditions of Nicaragua. Rest in an outdoor tub, rinse your skin in an outdoor shower, or simply let the botanicals do their magic throughout the day. 


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