Mukul: Our Secret Can Be Yours

After visiting Nicaragua, I completely fell in love with the culture, and the beautiful country. It’s almost like I want to keep the secret to myself. The spectacular nature and the lively people is something truly special.
— Andrea Belck-Olsen

It's no surprise that Andrea Belck-OlsenDirector of Sales of The Thief in Oslo Norway recently visited Mukul, an Auberge Resort since she is always on the hunt for that special stay abroad.

"Ever since I was young I have always been curious. Curious about people, cultures and local communities.  I visited Nicaragua for a month this summer, and I was able to travel around with a local friend doing cool things like volcano boarding, jungle hiking, and got up close to a live volcano crater. I will never forget it."

We wanted to learn more about what this globetrotter thought about her luxurious stay at Mukul Resort.


1. How did you find out about Mukul?

I consider myself a true hotel nerd, and by working in the hospitality industry I try to keep up with what’s out there. Mukul, an Auberge Resort has been on my list for a long time. It has been one of those far away dreamy places that everyone talked about with stars in their eyes. I just had to visit. Also, a friend of mine has been involved with the interior design (Alicia Robleto) and I had to come see her work. She is a true talent!

2. Do you have a favorite Mukul memory?

Everyone that knows me will say that I value my space, and my coffee dearly. Especially in the morning. My best memory from Mukul was waking up in my beautiful bohio, putting on my comfy robe, walking out to my terrace and finding a picnic basket with a pot of coffee and some breakfast sweets waiting for me. I sat by the terrace pool, overlooking the stunning coast and had one of those “appreciate what you have” moments. Can I please go back to that?!

3. What did you learn from your Mukul stay?

Working in a hotel myself, I believe that every hotel should have a good story. It’s all about storytelling. I learned the Pellas background story at Mukul and I was in awe of that. Such a beautiful story and it makes you appreciate life and I think there is no better place to live in the moment, than at Mukul.

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