Mukul, an Auberge Resort: A Romantic Nicaragua Vacation

We caught up with recent guest Ashlyn Carter when she shared her YouTube video of her Mukul stay with us. Her and hubby Travis made the trip down to Nicaragua to indulge in a little R&R on the beach. Let's learn more about what they found on the Emerald Coast.

Mukul Resort Ashlyn Carter

Why Mukul?

We came to Mukul because we finally felt we found a resort that met both of our needs. My husband Travis could surf, and I could lounge and relax while being at first class accommodations! 

Tell us your favorite part about your Mukul experience.

My favorite part about Mukul was how private it was and the quality of service. It truly lends itself to relaxation. It is elegant, relaxing, beautiful, and quiet. The staff goes beyond to serve you. We felt like royalty and we enjoyed meeting everyone on staff. Such wonderful people!

Anything caught you by surprise?

Most surprising was the lack of mosquitos. I was really worried about it for whatever reason, but I only came home with a handful of bites. Hooray! 


Take a minute to check out Ashlyn's Mukul adventure. Thanks for sharing Ashlyn!

Check out Ashlyn's Instagram and YouTube for more bites of their Mukul vacation!
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