What did the doctor order? A trip to Mukul, an Auberge Resort

When a doctor like Wendy Walsh who is obsessed with the science of love stays at Mukul Resort, we couldn't resist asking her if her Mukul experience made her heart flutter. Dr. Walsh who is the host of the Dr. Wendy Walsh Show on iHeartMedia’s KFI•AM 640 Los Angeles, is a Doctor of Psychology and media commentator. We stumbled upon her photos on her instagram and connected to find out what Nicaraguan memories she'll be taking home with her.

Mukul Luxury

How did you hear about Mukul?

You can thank your good SEO as to why I'm here. My boyfriend is a great surfer and I needed a relax-and-recharge vacation. We both love Central America. I simply googled Surf, Spa, Luxury, Central America. And Mukul came up number one!

What surprised you about your stay at Mukul?

The most surprising thing was how welcoming, kind and over-the-top the service is. The ratio of staff to guests is so high and everyone seems so excited to help. 

My favorite greeting that I've heard a dozen times is "Buenos Dias. Thank you for choosing my country!"

What was your favorite part about your Mukul experience?

My favorite part, besides the fabulous spa and yoga and hiking was our gorgeous Villa! It is hands down the most spacious, luxurious, and filled-with-amenities of any hotel residence I have ever stayed in. And I've travelled A LOT! I never wanted to leave my room!