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Many of the world’s countries hold unique, storied relationships with food and drinks. Whether it's a familial bread recipe passed down through generations or local produce only available in a certain area of the world, culinary heritage can hold infinite meaning and create a defined sense of self and identity a person has with their culture. 

Nowhere is this more evident than in spirits: Argentina is known for Malbec, Russia for vodka, and tucked within the center of Central America, the world is taking note of Nicaragua’s relationship to rum, a spirit imprinted into the identity of many locals. One brand of Nicaraguan rum stands above the rest: With 126 years and five generations of family tradition, Flor de Caña is the leading export brand of Nicaragua and is currently the most-awarded rum in the world. 

Flor de Caña’s story originates in Genoa, Italy, where a young explorer named Don Francisco Alfredo Pellas Canessa left his home country to venture into the unknown: In 1875, at a mere 25 years old, Canessa landed in Nicaragua, building a legacy currently in its fifth generation. Utilizing Nicaragua’s rich, volcanic soil in the Chichigalpa region, Canessa harvested nature’s gift to create a unique flavor profile in his rum, ultimately creating Flor de Caña’s signature taste. The fertility of the land surrounding San Cristóbal volcano is the most fruitful in the entire country, lending to the area’s temperate volcanic climate, creating a smooth, balanced rum, only available within these unique conditions involving a series of microclimates. 

To make Flor de Caña, cane flower is slow aged in small, white-oak bourbon barrels and sealed with banana fiber, lending to the rum’s distinguished and elegant finish, complete with tropical notes only found in spirits of Nicaragua. This uninterrupted aging process is done in a completely sustainable process, only utilizing renewable energy from start to finish. The result is a distinct, amber-colored rum, made with no artificial additives or sugar.  

Today, Canessa’s rum lives on with the Pellas family, as does Mukul, another grand venture from the entrepreneurial family. During a visit to Nicaragua, don’t miss your opportunity to go on an exclusive Flor de Caña tour, where you can learn a detailed history of the brand and enjoy a tasting. During your exploration of six different stations, spend an hour and a half with Flor de Caña’s team of rum professionals. By the end, you’ll be an expert in the rum-making process, learning each step, from the raw ingredients to the finished product sealed beautifully within a Flor de Caña bottle. For an even better experience, opt for the VIP tour, where a personal guide can customize the experience just for you. 

Flor de Caña Distillery

Flor de Caña Distillery

No matter your tour of choice, make sure to bring a bottle home with you. You’ll never know when you’ll need a taste of Nicaragua to toast to great memories at Mukul. While staying at Mukul, arrange for a tour of the Flor de Caña distillery accessible by private helicopter or car.

Flor de Cana variety

Can't wait for the tour, learn more about each Flor de Caña variety on the Flor de Caña website and even pick out a few cocktail recipes for your next party!



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