Annika Bauer & Jamie O'Brien Surf at Mukul, an Auberge Resort

Annika Bauer

Beauty Annika Bauer and her honey, surfer Jamie O'Brien recently made their way to the Emerald Coast and we caught up with Annika in between waves and pool time. Both adept and familiar to tropical destinations since they call Hawaii home, we wanted to hear how their Nicaragua experienced fared.

Have you been to Nicaragua before? 

This was my first time to Nicaragua. Before the trip, a few of my friends told me about the beautiful landscape, active volcanos, fun surf, and colorful culture.

What is your travel ethos?

Whenever I travel to new places, I try to go with zero expectations so that every experience is a new and amazing one. 

What is your favorite memory from Mukul, an Auberge Resort?

My favorite thing about Mukul was waking up and dawn patrolling in the amphibious boat Sea Legs. The first day we went surfing I was MIND BLOWN by the land/sea boat! I had only seen videos of the contraption and I never expected to ever ride in one! It was such a cool experience surfing in the warm waters with just my friends out in the line up with me. Riley, the Mukul TropicSurf employee, was so awesome and he showed up all the cool spots. 

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