The Balanced Blonde Finds Bliss at Mukul, an Auberge Resort

Jordan Younger

At Mukul, we are always searching for paths to wellness. When Jordan Younger of The Balanced Blonde recently visited Mukul, we were inspired by her dedication to a healthy diet and lifestyle. Formerly a vegan, Jordan strayed away from this lifestyle when she realized a more plant-based, non-vegan diet was better suited for her body and mind. Check out her website for recipes, resources, and listen to her podcast to fuel yourself with inspiration.

How did you hear about Mukul?

The amazing Mary Tilson invited me to come do yoga with her for a long weekend, and I am so extremely glad that she did. We had the most blissful time, and the yoga deck in the jungle is probably my new favorite place on earth. I had also wanted to go to Nicaragua forever, so it was such a special experience to get to come soak in the magic!

What surprised you most about Mukul or Nicaragua?

I had no idea that the property was so vast and expansive! It was HUGE! I also had no idea that the spa was going to be the best, most beautiful spa I had ever experienced in my life. The Crystal Temple and Healing Hut were the ultimate dreams for me. 

What was your favorite experience at Mukul?

Aside from the yoga, the relaxation, and our incredible deck and pool in our bohio, the Ayurvedic spa treatment I had with Silvio in the healing hut was one of the most special, zen experiences I had in Nicaragua. It was BLISSFUL! He even did acupuncture on me! I will definitely be back.

Check out more of Jordan's photos from Mukul on her instagram.