Ask a Mukul Homeowner: What's the Perfect Day at Mukul?

When you’re a homeowner at Mukul, it’s easy to book a last-minute trip to Nicaragua to make the most out of a weekend. Couple Ricardo and Vicky Quiros, owners of a condo in Las Terrazas, reveal their own perfect days during a quick weekend jaunt. Whether you like rising early to the sound of howler monkeys and green parakeets before hitting the waves or you prefer spending afternoons poolside while enjoying a cigar and glass of rum, here, the perfect day for you. 


Day One: The Perfect Day According to Vicky Quiros

I start my morning listening to the melodic tune of howler monkey and green parakeets buzzing outside of our condo before going to the kitchen to make a fresh cup of our Nicaraguan coffee. With my husband, I enjoy listening to the sound of the forest awakening from its slumber while watching a swarm of colorful butterflies and hummingbirds feed on our garden flowers. After I finish my cup, I enjoy my daily yoga practice while marveling the breathtaking views of the ocean. I then venture to the beach, taking my surfboard in tow to Manzanillo Point. It’s one of the best breaks in all of Nicaragua. 

For lunch, my husband and I either prefer an elegant beachfront spread at Mukul’s restaurant or a more relaxed and casual menu at the Tres Ceibas Beach Club. If we want more private time in nature, we request a picnic at Guacalito Beach. When we do this, we take our dog with us. All three of us enjoy long walks. To finish the day, I take an evening stroll at the beach, while my husband plays golf. We then meet for my favorite activity – beachside turtle relays. Nothing beats watching the turtles race to the water! The most relaxing part of my day comes in the evenings; the sunsets are magical. For dinner, we get dressed up to go into town and enjoy local Nicaragua cuisine. Driving inside the community is never boring. We come across either wild bunnies or deer in the middle of the street. We love it. 


Day Two: The Perfect Day According to Ricardo Quiros

Every morning in Mukul is special. I love waking up to the animal noises outside of our bedroom window. It’s great to know these animals are protected inside the Guacalito ecosystem. After enjoying a cup of coffee with my wife, I join her at the beach to surf Manzanillo Point. After hitting the waves for a few hours, I’m usually ready for lunch. My wife and I tend to eat a casual mid-day meal at Tres Ceibas Beach Club. The food is always fresh and amazing – it never disappoints. I also love the attitude and the vibe of the staff at Mukul. You can always tell when people genuinely care for you. 

In the early afternoon, I love going for walks on the trails surrounding our condo, especially the paths bordering the south side of Guacalito Beach. The views are world class, and I always discover something new. For sunset, nothing beats walking up to one of Mukul’s many viewing platforms overlooking the Pacific Ocean. To finish a perfect day (which is really every single day at Mukul), I love to smoke a La Liga Privada Nicaraguan cigar while sipping a glass of Flor de Caña, the best rum in the world. 

My wife and I feel blessed in finding a place as magnificent as Mukul. It’s a pleasure to make this our home, and we’re thankful for our neighbors and the new friends we have here. They all opened their homes to us; it’s truly a welcoming and family-oriented community. Mukul allows us to live life like it was meant to be lived: in connection to the earth, ocean, sky, and our true selves. 

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