A Global Luxury Firm Eyes Mukul, an Auberge Resort

Taylor Madison, founder of The Simple Sol, a Travel + Lifestyle company & Global Luxury Travel Firm – recently visited Mukul Resort. Taylor has been pursuing her passion for travel full time since 2014 when she founded The Simple Sol. She left her 9-5 to follow her dream of creating a visual storybook of her favorite places around the world. 

We loved seeing her #MukulResort experience through her lens and had to know more. What brought her to Mukul? What will stick with her? Why should you come to Mukul?

Simple Sol

Why Mukul?

Well, Nicaragua is one of my favorite destinations right now. I took my first trip to Nicaragua at the end of 2015 and completely fell in love with everything about it. There is so much to be discovered in this country and Mukul was at the top of my list to come back and experience. I was so intrigued by the level of luxury, privacy and  activities that Mukul offers, like Surfing, Golfing, Yoga, Hiking and a world class spa - I had to come back and check it out for my self. 

SImple Sol Mukul

Mukul's Lasting Impression

My favorite part about Mukul has to be the people (the staff), their level of service is really above and beyond and it feels so genuine! Their happiness and energy is infectious. Tied for number 2, is their beautiful private surfing beach and Mukul’s furniture! I love how all the furniture at the resort was made in Nicaragua - it’s so chic and well done, I am dying to figure out how to get my hands on a few pieces to ship back to the US!  

SImple Sol Mukul 2

Who Knew?

I think what I found the most surprising about Mukul, was despite how luxurious it is - the sense of place it is able to maintain in a country as undiscovered as Nicaragua. The fact they everything on property was made in Nicaragua and all the staff is Nicaraguan really gives you that sense of place that a lot of top resorts around the world can’t pull off. It's very luxurious and  still manages to provide an authentic spirit with a sense of place which was both surprising and refreshing.