What a Travel Influencer Loves about Mukul, Auberge Resorts Collection

Katie Losey

As a lifelong wildlife lover, Katie Losey explores the world’s most far-flung corners in the hopes to inspire others to live out their wildest adventures through her words and images. After a career in the non-profit world, Katie joined the Absolute Travel team in 2007 and now heads the marketing department. Her trips have taken her swimming alongside sharks in Cuba’s uncharted waters, spying on orangutans swinging across Borneo’s treetops, and dancing atop a 10,000-year-old glacier in British Columbia. She is most proud of spearheading Absolute Awareness, Absolute Travel’s non-profit arm, in hopes to protect the creatures and places we love by galvanizing others to care about them. She’s been an Explorers Club member since 2015.

Losey serves as the Director of Marketing at Absolute Travel, a team of trusted, passionate travel specialists who create private journeys to Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, Antarctica, North America, the Middle East, and the South Pacific. Their firsthand knowledge, creativity and personal connections allow them to design trips filled with insider experiences, unsurpassed service, and on-the-ground spontaneity travelers can’t find elsewhere, which led Losey to the serene Emerald Bay to experience Mukul. 

Losey kicked off her experience with beach-side yoga at Mukul with instructors specializing in chakra balancing. Her nerves quickly dissipated as the serene sounds of the water took precedent, and she even tested out Mukul’s new yoga deck, which overlooks Mukul’s pristine positioning on the Emerald Coast. Over the next several days, Losey enjoyed sunrise beach walks, exquisite spa treatments, and private tastings of Flor de Caña. Losey then left to Granada where she became enamored with Nicaragua’s finest colonial city, full of cobblestoned streets and a vibrant, bursting energy.

“I left before breakfast and had salt in my hair by lunch. I almost never choose a beach vacation, but Mukul takes it up a notch: surf school, nature trails plunging into the Emerald Coast, a spa I could disappear into for days... I found myself waking up early every morning so I wouldn’t miss a beat, even if that meant digging my feet in the sand,” says Losey. 

Mukul’s a unique mix – it’s indulgent, uncomplicated, and won’t break the bank.
— Katie Losey

Mukul welcomes you to experience Nicaragua just as Losey. It’s sure to prove a relaxing and inviting stay in the height of Central American hospitality. 

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