Take Your Next Wellness Retreat at Mukul, an Auberge Resort

In the winter months, we can all fall into an unhealthy eating trap. With Halloween treats everywhere and Thanksgiving plans on the ready, it’s easy to forget fitness and health goals amidst so much celebration and joyful revelry with loved ones. But save a weekend all to yourself or join a group of friends together for a custom yoga retreat at Mukul, Auberge Resorts Collection: By taking a break from your fall and winter schedule for the ultimate relaxing retreat at Mukul’s sunny locale on Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast, you’ll instantly shed stress, find balance and come home with a blissfully bronze glow to prove it. 

Manzanillo Beach Mukul Resort
Wellness Mukul Shower


During a stay, you can experience meditative luxury three ways. By adapting a menu especially for you, supplying your bohio with a set of mindfully-crafted meditation cards, and concocting the ultimate spa treatment bliss, you’re sure to forget about holiday stress during a week away. 

Mukul Yoga Bohio

Beginning with a healthy foray into Nicaragua’s culinary world, Mukul’s team of leading chefs will craft a menu specifically for your needs. Are you seeking to eliminate meat from your diet? Would you prefer to go dairy or gluten free during your stay? No matter your dietary restrictions or goals, Mukul will deliver the most delectable cuisine for your wellness retreat. For a starter, begin your healthy feast with a tomato and chia seed Frappuccino or a yellow fin tuna salad. Order veggie tacos or gluten free penne pasta as a main dish, and you can even opt to have local baby corn tamales, complete with mushrooms, truffles, and Nicaragua’s best Pico de Gallo sauce. Dessert selections include an array of flavorful, seasonal varieties of sorbet, as well as fruit and tea inspired sweet treats. The best part about the wellness menu at Mukul is that it’s constantly changing, as the chefs are scanning the natural environment for the best of Nicaragua’s fresh produce, delivering their creations to you in an ever-evolving menu.  Take a peek at our current wellness menu here. Just remember, we can always cater it to your needs.

Mukul Culinary

To complement your new mindful eating, you’ll notice Mukul’s mindful meditation cards prepared specially for you. Implement one of four meditation practices to slow down your mind with a series of inhalations and exhalations. Are you hoping to find balance? Do you seek relaxation? Or are you simply hoping to relieve tension from all parts of your body or calm digestive discomfort? No matter your desired outcome, one of Mukul’s meditation practices are bound to calm your soul.  

Ancient Temple Mukul

Rounding out your wellness stay at Mukul, opt to feel like the only person on earth at the on-property spa. Featuring six experiences housed in six individual, private spa suites, stress will simply drip off of you in the form of calming and soothing oils. Undergo one of many ancient healing traditions using the best of Nicaragua’s local ingredients all while enjoying the surrounds designed by renowned spa consultant Angel Vezina Stuart. Transcend earth for your selection of a three hour, half day or full day treatment, picking from treatments like The Crystal Temple Signature ritual, where you will feel the effects of crystal energy, cleansing your aura with a series of healing chakra methods. If a dive into the natural elements is on your horizon, book The Rainforest Signature Ritual, complete with hydrotherapy and essential oils that will remove impurities from the inside out, rejuvenation, detoxifying, and re-mineralizing your skin by way of the rhythmic waterfall of the Vichy Shower. Just two options in a selection of six expertly-crafted experiences, you’re sure to find your kindred spa therapy during your wellness retreat at Mukul.

Read about each of our signature experiences in our spa section. 

Our Vichy shower experience in the Rainforest Temple

Our Vichy shower experience in the Rainforest Temple

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