Your Perfect Family Vacation at Mukul, Auberge Resorts Collection


Mukul, an Auberge Resort is prime for the perfect family vacation that affords luxury, exoticism, and adventure. We saw recent guest Mina and her family splashing around Mukul Resort via photos on Instagram and fell in love with their familial glow. Learn more about why Mukul is the answer to your family vacation prayers.

What brought you and your family to Mukul?

We love taking family surfing trips because my husband is a surfer and my 5 year old is learning how to surf, as am I. We love taking exotic eco/luxury resort style vacations, and as we searched, we came across Mukul. It completely fit the bill in every aspect and more! 

What did you love about your Mukul Experience?

We love that it's eco friendly, the villas and bohios are well appointed, taking into account the natural elements and Nicaraguan culture, and the staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and always eager to help. We loved the delicious cuisine.

We found the spa out of this world! They are truly a wonder unto itself and we know, as we've been to some of the best resorts in the world. Mukul did a marvelous job in not only training the staff in the various techniques, but also how meticulously decorated each "temple" is. We loved every minute of it. We did the Ancient Experience which was truly soul uplifting and such a beautiful, intimate experience to have together with your partner. Absolute heaven!

What was most surprising about your stay?

The most surprising aspect of the resort was the breathtaking spa experience. Truly unlike any other spa experience we have ever experienced. It's complete bliss in every sense of the word.

Another highlight was the world class surfing instructors! We all got better at surfing because of the awesome, fun instructors at TropicSurf. Rachel and Alex were both the best surfing instructors we've ever had, and our learning curve shot up dramatically due to their pointers.

I also loved the awesome and FUN Kul Kids Club that my 5 year old LOVED! Katherine was such a great leader and really tailored her playing style to what my son loves. Honestly, this place couldn't be any better for families. Especially parents of young children that just need some much needed R & R.

More images from Mina's stay on her instagram.