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The Experience (3.5 Hours)

The crystal energy, auras, chakras healing session begins as soon as you walk into the dramatic high crystal spa where you will experience a visual and melodic concert of light and sounds. Rays of sunlight reflecting on flowing quartz crystals and stones create a magical dance of prisms and colors while you are enveloped by the deeply soothing sound vibration that comes from the skillful playing of the “crystal singing bowls”.

  • Foot Ritual

  • Aromatherapy Personalized Ritual

  • Mint and sea salt bath

  • Mint scrub

  • Massage (From our Massage Selection)

  • Radiance Facial

Exclusive Ritual

A mint and sea salt bath starts this signature experience. As the water and aromatherapy become infused with energy, they provide effective, fast-acting remedies on a spiritual, emotional and physical level. They relax the body and the mind and prepare you to receive the aromatherapy scrub, massage and radiance beauty facial treatment that follows.

Our Recommendation of Massage Selection
  • Hot & Cold Stone Massage

  • Holistic Raindrop Ritual

  • Craniosacral Therapy

  • Reiki

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