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Our reimagined Palapa Lounge: Everything you see, touch, taste and hear is authentically Nicaraguan.

The iconic Palapa has undergone a stunning redecoration, creating versatile spaces that enhance the overall pool experience. Drawing inspiration from the Chorotega roots, every element you touch and feel exudes authentic Nicaraguan decor. Nestled in the ultimate natural sanctuary for relaxation and adventure, the revamped main Palapa, now the largest in Latin America, serves as the resort’s central gathering hub. Here, guests can partake in a Flor de Caña rum experience, allowing them to create their own rum blend and their own Flor de Caña cocktails.

Immerse yourself in the tranquil beach-side setting as you indulge in light bites, engage in board games, savor premium drinks, and unwind to the soothing tunes of lounge music. The Palapa Lounge is poised to offer an unparalleled atmosphere where serenity and recreation harmoniously come together.

Nicaragua’s Secret Luxury Resort & Residences


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