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Manzanillo Point: A secret haven for surfing

Just a few steps from your villa, Mukul has firmly established itself as a premier destination for surfing enthusiasts. The jewel in her crown is Manzanillo Point, a challenging left-point wave that lies directly in front of the resort. Beach breaks in front of the resort are excellent for novices and also peel playfully under the right conditions.

Operated by Tropicsurf: The Art of Luxury Surfing

Tropicsurf, the pioneer of luxury surfing, offers full-time surfing guidance at Mukul. Services range from beginner lessons, coaching sessions to master the resort’s Manzanillo Point. Guests can enjoy being taken to the best waves and secluded spots, or learn and step up a level under Tropicsurf’s unique ten-level coaching plan. Guests may select from Tropicsurf’s collection of Firewires, beginner boards and SUPs for rent.

Nicaragua’s Secret Luxury Resort & Residences


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