Mukul, an Auberge Resort, is a 5-star, intimate resort on Nicaragua's Emerald Coast. Enjoy a getaway at a luxury resort with a great mix of fun & relaxation.


The Secret Garden
Signature Experience



The Secret Garden
Signature Experience



THE EXPERIENCE (3.5 hours)

What is Watsu? A unique massage therapy performed in a warm, specially designed pool that encourages complete relaxation through a combination of water and Shiatsu massage.  The under-water pressure-point massage helps lubricate joints, lessens edema and arthritic swelling, and increases lymphatic drainage.  The level of relaxation and mobility achieved from Watsu is deeper and more therapeutic than the typical Shiatsu massage. The daily stress, aches and toxins are eased away as breathing becomes stabilized, fatigued muscles unwind, and circulation is improved. Harmony of mind, body, and spirit is achieved. 

Exclusive Ritual

The experience begins with the discovery of the Watsu Pool inviting you to “let go” and forget the outside world. This is a holistic and totally relaxing experience, floating and being held and stretched in the arms of your therapist. After coming out of the pool, enjoy a Nicaraguan floral body scrub followed by a relaxing massage using the essential oils of local Nicaraguan flowers.


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  • Floral Massage

Our Recommendation of Massage Selection

  • Swedish Massage
  • Therapeutic Massage 
  • Deep Tissue Massage