Mukul, an Auberge Resort, is a 5-star, intimate resort on Nicaragua's Emerald Coast. Enjoy a getaway at a luxury resort with a great mix of fun & relaxation.


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Experience Tranquility, Harmony and Inner Peace 

Spa Mukul is a place where you can leave behind the stress and monotony of your daily life and experience tranquility, harmony and inner peace. We offer you personal time and space that is dedicated to revitalizing your body, mind, and soul. Our expansive list of services will allow you to receive rejuvenating treatments in an elegant and serene environment. Our attention to detail allows us to provide pampering and enriching services uplift and revitalize both body and soul.



The Spa Mukul includes six experiences housed in six individual, private spa suites, each harnessing a different ancient healing tradition and utilizing local Nicaraguan ingredients. 

Just as with the entire resort, the Spa Mukul is blessed with the luxury of space. Artfully designed by renowned spa consultant Angel Vezina Stewart, all six spa suites are home to a different theme and sequence of treatment experiences available for three hours, half a day or a full day. Treatment rooms are large luxury suites with private steam and tropical showers, changing areas and relaxation spaces with outdoor pools. This is your own private resort within the resort - stay as long as you like.


The Healing Temple


The healing temple offers signature Asian-inspired experiences all with the purpose of ridding the body, mind, and spirit of harmful toxins and energy bringing you to a place of relaxation, peace, and wholeness.


The ritual begins with an exotic Indian herbal scrub. The herbs help improve general health and rid the body of toxins, while improving circulation and respiratory function, relaxing muscles and reducing stress. The detoxifi cation process continues in the spa garden where you alternate between the hot and cold plunge pools. The heating up of the body will stimulate blood circulation and help evacuate toxins and the cleansing of the skin. Alternating with heat and cold stimulates the blood system and triggers the creation of adrenaline while the body is suddenly cooled. This also allows the elimination of dead cells and regenerates new cells, slowing the aging process. A healing massage follows your plunge pool experience and includes Shirodara and Marma points therapy.


• Foot Ritual

• Aromatherapy Personalized Ritual

• Indian Herbal Scrub

• Hot & Cold Plunge Pools

• Massage (From our Massage Selection)

• Shirodara and Marma Points Therapy


• Abhyanga -Balinese -Thai

• Ashiatsu

The Ancient Temple

THE EXPERIENCE (3.5 hours)

The mood of yesteryears inspires the imagination and treatments of the Ancient Temple. In Pre-Colonial time, the native people of Nicaragua were culturally similar to the Aztecs and Maya; they have been a source of inspiration for centuries. Nicaraguans carry on with their ancestral traditions, including the ecologically sound use of native plants and herbal potions in healing and their deep respect for the earth and the ocean. A “living pharmacy” of locally grown medicinal plants, spices, regional flowers, volcanic clay, sea salt, sugar and herbs are used by the therapists to create unique and regional healing treatment recipes and protocols.


Regional volcanic clay or organic cacao is first applied to detoxify the skin and body. As the minerals infuse the skin, muscles are relaxed and impurities are drowned from the system. After the body mask has dried and you have showered off, you are guided to experience a traditional citric bath to relax and cleanse the body and spirit. Following is a full body massage using local coco oil packed with moisturizing Vitamin E as well as an organic facial mask to allow the powerful healing essences to be absorbed by the body. This ends our suggested Indigenous experience.


• Foot Ritual

• Body Scrub or Mask (Volcanic Clay, Organic Cacao, Aloe, or Coffee)

• Bath (Citrus or Herbal Bath)

• Traditional Nicaraguan Facial

• Massage (From our Massage Selection)

Our Recommendation of Massage Selection

• Swedish Massage

• Deep Tissue Massage

• Refl exology and Scalp Massage

The Crystal Temple 


The crystal energy, auras, chakras healing session begins as soon as you walk into the dramatic high crystal spa where you will experience a visual and melodic concert of light and sounds. Rays of sunlight reflecting on flowing quartz crystals and stones create a magical dance of prisms and colors while you are enveloped by the deeply soothing sound vibration that comes from the skillful playing of the “crystal singing bowls”.


A mint and sea salt bath starts this signature experience. As water and aromatherapy become infused with energy, they provide effective, fast-acting remedies on a spiritual, emotional and physical level. They relax the body and mind and prepare you to receive the aromatherapy scrub, massage and radiance beauty facial treatment that follows.


• Foot Ritual

• Aromatherapy Personalized Ritual

• Mint and sea salt bath

• Mint scrub

• Massage (From our Massage Selection)

• Radiance Facial


• Hot & Cold Stone Massage

• Holistic Raindrop Ritual

• Craniosacral Therapy

• Reiki

The Hammam Temple


Hammam means “spreader of warmth” . In creating Mukul’s Hammam, we studied the sensual history of the Orient and its ancestral beauty traditions. Walking into a Hammam is like walking through time in a spacious and ornate sanctuary, a quiet retreat in an atmosphere of half-light, silence, seclusion and heat. Silence is an integral part of the cleansing process and helps the body and spirit liberate itself from excess and the superfluous. Guests come out of the Hammam session with a glow of sublime peace and euphoria.


The Hammam traditional ritual involves several steps to cleanse, detoxify, and help you relax. Your experience starts at the navel stone, a heated platform at the center of our Hammam. Once your body and limbs are relaxed, you are stretched by your therapist to take away aches and pains. Following this, you’ll experience one of the world’s most ancient traditions, a black-soap cleanse, followed by a cascading cold-water rinse. This prepares your skin for an invigorating scrub, which leaves you soft and free of accumulated toxins and impurities. After another rinse, a Ghassoul mask of Moroccan volcanic clay is applied to the body, face and hair. After the Ghassoul has been washed off, you are enveloped by a sensual and refreshing mist of floral rose water. The last step of this centuries-old practice of purification is the relaxing massage using pure Argan oil, Morocco’s precious youth elixir.


• Relaxing time on the heated Navel Stone

• Stretching

• Black Soap Cleanse

• Exfoliating glove Scrub

• Ghassoul Mask Body and Hair)

• Massage


• Swedish Massage

• Deep Tissue

The Secret Garden Temple


What is Watsu? A unique massage therapy performed in a warm, specially designed pool that encourages complete relaxation through a combination of water and Shiatsu massage. The under-water pressure-point massage helps lubricate joints, lessens edema and arthritic swelling, and increases lymphatic drainage. The level of relaxation and mobility achieved from Watsu is deeper and more therapeutic than the typical Shiatsu massage. The daily stress, aches and toxins are eased away as breathing becomes stabilized, fatigued muscles unwind, and circulation is improved. Harmony of mind, body, and spirit is achieved.


The experience begins with the discovery of the Watsu Pool inviting you to “let go” and forget the outside world. This is a holistic and totally relaxing experience, floating and being held and stretched in the arms of your therapist. After coming out of the pool, enjoy a Nicaraguan floral body scrub followed by a relaxing massage using the essential oils of local Nicaraguan flowers.


• Foot Ritual

• Personal Profile

• Watsu

• Floral Scrub

• Floral Massage


• Swedish Massage

• Therapeutic Massage

• Deep Tissue Massage

The Rainforest Temple


In the Rainforest temple, guests can experience sea-inspired masks or scrubs. The hydrotherapy rituals are tailored to provide absolute well-being. You’ll receive an invitation to ease all tension, relieve pain and soreness, reduce inflammation of joints, relax muscles and recharge the body with energy as it absorbs the proven benefits of sea-minerals and pure organic essential oils.


This experience combines the proven benefits of essential oils and hydrotherapy. Treatment begins with traditional European dry brushing to remove impurities and dry skin cells, followed by a sugar scrub or firming mask to detoxify, rejuvenate, and re-mineralize your skin. The scrub or mask is washed away by the rhythmic waterfall of the Vichy Shower followed by Mukul’s signature purification massage, leaving you renewed, uplifted and feeling lighter. While you fall into a blissful state, your face is treated to a radiance facial.


• Foot Ritual

• Dry brushing

• Sugar Scrub or Firming Mask

• Vichy Shower

• Purifying Massage

• Radiance Facial


• Purifying Massage


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CLASSIC SWEDISH (60 / 90 min.)

This classic, full body massage utilizes organic aromatherapy essential oils for maximum benefits. A relaxing gentle to firm massage relieves tension, soothes tired muscles, enhances circulation and improves muscle tone. The perfect choice for first timers.

DEEP TISSUE (60 / 90 min.)

For those familiar with massage this stronger, deep tissue massage helps to relieve stress and pain in problem areas such as shoulders, legs, and lower back. This promotes the release of toxins and relief from recurring muscular tension, strain and inflammation.


An exceptional therapeutic treatment incorporating neuromuscular and trigger points release to affect muscular imbalance and structural alignment problems, the cause of chronic pain. The alternative use of hot and cold stones all over the back for tissue repair and stress reduction may be applied.


A remarkable deep-tissue massage in which therapists use the heel, the arch of the foot and sometimes the entire surface of the foot to apply a more concentrated firm pressure, along with a less intense force where it’s needed for longer periods. This helps relax, soften and lengthen rigid muscles, eliminate toxins from veins and lymph channels, reduce inflammation, increase blood circulation and a feeling of well-being.

WATSU (60 min.)

Watsu is a combination of Shiatsu massage and stretching in our specially designed Watsu pool. Enjoy this holistic and totally relaxing experience while floating and being held in the arms of your therapist. The level of relaxation and mobility achieved from Watsu is deeper and more therapeutic than the typical Shiatsu massage.

MOTHER TO BE MASSAGE (60 / 90 min.)

This gentle massage is designed to relieve the discomfort of edema and stress on the lower back that can occur during pregnancy. Pregnancy massage has many scientifically proven health benefits such as stimulating the blood and lymph systems, removing toxins, stabilizing hormonal levels, and adding tone and flexibility to muscles.


A meditative massage based upon the history of Indian, Chinese and European influence in Bali. The Balinese massage offers a variety of techniques and tempos of acupressure, rolling motion, long strokes and percussion to invigorate the muscles, energize, and significantly increase blood circulation.

THAI MASSAGE (60 / 90 min.)

Thai massage is often called “yoga massage” because during the treatment the body is gently stretched into yoga-like positions, and if necessary, vigorous pressure, pulling and stretching the body is part of the routine. Some of the benefits of Thai massage include release from stress and muscle pain, improved circulation of the blood and the lymphatic system, body realignment and better flexibility and digestion. (Please wear loose clothing).


Calling upon the centuries old Chinese science of reflexology, pressure is strategically applied to various parts of your feet and hands that correspond to specific organs, glands and other vital systems of the body. Reflexology is believed to increase circulation and release blocked energy, relieving stress and resetting your body’s natural equilibrium.

SHIATSU MASSAGE (60 / 90 min.)

Based on the Oriental meridian system, Shiatsu allows harmonious energy to course through the body. Special finger pressure techniques are applied by a skilled and dedicated therapist with the goal of removing interruptions in the body’s energy flow.

REIKI (60min.)

The Japanese word Reiki means “Universal Life Force Energy.” Gentle therapeutic touch promotes the healing process, restoring harmony to mind, body, and spirit while enhancing deep relaxation. It can help you sleep and reduce high blood pressure, migraines, stress and pain.


Craniosacral therapy is a holistic practice that uses very light touching to balance the craniosacral system in your body, which includes the bones, nerves, fluids, and connective tissues of the cranium and spinal area. Ideally suited to relieve migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, chronic sinus and middle ear infections as well as neck and back pain.


Melt into relaxation with this heady combination of massage and nurturing. Penetrating heat from warm, smooth, basalt stones relieves tension in targeted areas, while an ancient indigenous smudging ritual balances the emotions, calms the mind and renews energy.


This ritual involves dripping ten pharmaceutical grade essential oils along the spine in sequential order to encourage the body’s structural alignment and fight viruses. Excellent for boosting the immune system, releasing muscle spasms and reducing inflammation.

HAMMAM & MASSAGE (90 min.)

Luxuriate in the Hammam stone and experience a Moroccan black-soap cleansing, followed by a revitalizing massage using the traditional Argan oil, “the liquid gold” of Morocco.



Facial Skin Care



One of our most elaborate, complete facials, customized and recommended for any age, centers on deep cleansing regimen of four successive steps carried out with sea based products and the utmost care. This facial focuses on the improvement of skin functions, producing an awakened and dewy complexion.


Sensitive skin types can cool down with this soothing marine facial that reduces redness, blotchiness and stinging, while providing deep cleansing and skin detoxification. A desensitizing and decongesting facial with a probiotic, anti-inflammatory mask to produce a balanced, calm and serene complexion.


A unique anti-aging facial treatment blending the latest advanced technology of plant derived stem cells. Niacin to detoxify skin cells, fight free radical damage, stimulate DNA repair, increase cell renewal, boost hydration and improve the overall health and quality of the skin. Your complexion will look brighter and more evenly toned.


The “super-hydrating star” for dry and dehydrated skin. An immediate moisture booster and a high-performance elasticity enhancer. Boluses filled with pure seaweed and seawater pearls are massaged into the skin to bring vitality, nourishment and suppleness. A porcelain heating mask nourishes your face while your aesthetician performs an eye and hand treatment, completing this ritual.


First an orange-blossom Argan oil hair mask is applied to strengthen your hair and allow it to regain luster and shine; also recommended for dandruff or hair loss. This is followed by a rejuvenating facial that starts with a Rose d’Atlas cleansing gommage followed by floral water mist and an anti-aging facial massage using a precious orange flower and Argan oil regenerating cream.


Masks & Scrubs



This mask stimulates circulation, firms the skin and detoxifies. The treatment begins with a traditional European dry brushing to stimulate the lymph  system and is followed by a firming mask wrap and purification massage, leaving you with a light and renewed feeling.

ALOE MASK (90 min.)

Aloe is grown in abundance in Nicaragua and is ideal for soothing and hydrating sensitive skin that has been overexposed to the sun, wind and salt water. Includes a deep-hydrating lotion application.


Experience the benefits of chocolate while hydrating your skin with this full body treatment. The treatment will begin with the chocolate fondue application. While wrapped in warm linens, you will experience a relaxing scalp massage. Our chocolate scented massage oil along with a very relaxing application will surely soothe your senses. A hot chocolate drink will complete the experience.


A coffee scrub provides several skin benefits, including improved skin texture and circulation with a temporary cellulite reduction. Coffee grounds are a mechanical exfoliate, meaning they can be used to scrub away dead skin to reveal new, healthy skin underneath, whereas chemical exfoliates remove skin cells with enzymes or acidic properties. To complete the exfoliation ritual, rich moisturizer is applied over the entire body.


This ancient ritual, originally reserved for Indian royalty and aristocracy, uses herb-infused oils and a botanical body mask to exfoliate, cleanse, detoxify and nourish the skin. A light application is followed by an herbal oil designed to combat the aging process.

MINT & SEA SALT GLOW (90 min.)

After a few minutes in the steam, this special scrub mixture is massaged onto the skin, paying special attention to dry spots including feet, knees and elbows. Treatment ends with a body rinse and an application of a silky smooth body lotion. Smells great and works wonders on dry skin. Try it and get your glow on!


This gentle scrub helps to cleanse, exfoliate and stimulate circulation to the entire body. Includes a deep-hydrating lotion application. Ideal before sunbathing for a longer lasting tan. (Please refrain from shaving or sun bathing two hours prior to treatment.)


Used in ancient Nicaraguan culture during their purification ritual, the application of volcanic clay is designed to exfoliate, nourish and detoxify the skin and body. To complete the purification ritual, rich moisturizer is applied over the entire body.





This rich bath is filled with cleansing and therapeutic essential amino acids contained in water. Slices of fresh citrus fruit and organic aromatherapy oils are added to the bath to refresh and remineralize the skin. Step into this gorgeous citrus bath, relax and revitalize.

HERBAL BATH (60 min.)

Get back to nature and relax in an herbal bath infused with Mukul’s own “bouquet garden” made from a mixture of locally grown organic scented dried flowers and herbs. The sensual ritual of bathing will restore your vitality, calm your mind and reinvigorate your body, while softening your skin and leaving you feeling truly pampered renewed feeling.





A traditional full-body Ayurvedic massage includes the anointment of warm herb-infused oil that penetrates deeply to detoxify and nourish the nervous system and bring true balance and healing to body, mind, and senses. The practitioner mostly works with the knowledge of the marmas or indian  pressure points that provide relaxation, circulation and elimination of toxins.


Shirodhara is an ancient Ayurvedic therapy used to restore an inner calm to the mind and balance to the emotions. The treatment begins with a gentle stream of warm herbal oil trickled continuously over the forehead area of the “third eye”, which calms the nervous system and soothes the senses, similar to deep meditation. The herbal-infused oil is massaged into the hair and scalp, followed by a mini Marma points facial and a light body massage using herb-infused oil. Please let us know if you have chemically treated hair prior to the start of the treatment.


Indulge and take a voyage to renew your entire self with this “ultimate bliss.” A deluxe combination of our most celebrated services. This therapeutic journey consists of a complete head-to-toe herbal body treatment and mini Marma point facial, followed by a traditional Abhyanga massage and then a Shirodhara session to melt away tension and provide an ultimate sense of bliss and tranquility. Ideal in times of high stress and prior to important events.


A luxurious ritual from the Royal palaces of central Java Indonesia dating back to the 17th century to cleanse, soothe and beautify the skin. Escape to Bali while receiving a Balinese massage combining Hindu, Chinese and European influences with jasmine-frangipani massage oil followed by an invigorating skin scrub containing turmeric, rice and jasmine. Continue with a cool yogurt splash, followed by an application of moisturizing flower oil.



Beauty Salon Services


SPA MANICURE (40 min.)

A professional manicure includes a bubbling hand soak, nail shaping, exfoliation, cuticle trimming, a moisturizing hand and arm massage with polish application that leaves hands and nails well groomed.

SPA PEDICURE (60 min.)

A professional pedicure includes a foot soak, a scrub to eliminate calluses, dry, rough and cracked skin. Nail shaping, cuticle trimmingand a moisturizing foot, ankle and leg massage is performed to bring relief. Followed by a polish application.


Organic raw cane crystals with almond oil mildly exfoliate then melt to release a glycolic action on the skin to even tone. The exfoliation is followed by a hydrating chocolate wrap and a therapeutic pressure point massage that focuses on stressed joints and over worked muscles of the hand and wrist. Includes a manicure.


Sea salt crystals with eucaliptus oil mildly exfoliate then melt to release a glycolic action on the skin to even tone. The exfoliation is followed by a hydrating chocolate wrap and a therapeutic pressure point massage that focuses on stressed joints and over worked muscles often associated with high heels. Includes a pedicure.



Hair Services

Women's shampoo & hair cut
Men's hair cut
Shampoo & Blow dry (short)
Shampoo & Blow dry (medium)
Shampoo & Blow dry (long)
Shampoo & Flat iron
Bride hair style design
Repairing hair treatment & scalp massage
Repairing hair treatment & blow dry



Kids Menu

Neck and back massage (30 min)
Wrap (40 min)
Scrub (40 min)
Mini facial (30 min)
Manicure (20 min)
Pedicure (20 min)
Hair cut (boy)
Hair cut (girl)
Up do

Spa Kids

Girls SPA Package: (90 min) stretching activity, chocolate facial, scrub and massage for legs and feet, manicure and pedicure, amenity.
Girls SPA Package: (120 min) stretching activity, chocolate facial, scrub and massage for legs and feet, manicure and pedicure, up do, amenity.



Each spa temple includes its private lounge and pool area and these facilities can be booked on their own or in conjunction with a 90-minute treatment. For full 3.5 hour signature experiences, the time included to enjoy the facilities can also be extended upon request.


Dial: Ext. 7006
Cancellation Policy: Guest who cancel an appointment with less than 6 hours notice will be charged full price.